Three Year Action Plan Focuses on Next Generation Artificial Intelligence

To further implement China Manufacturing 2025 (CM2025) and the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020) on December 14, 2017, focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing. MIIT aims to implement phase one of the Next Generational Artificial Intelligence Development Plan through the three-year action plan. The action plan lays out an implementation plan and goals for four areas by 2020

  • The first key initiative, AI key product developments, covers innovative products and services in industry, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, finance, logistics, education and culture. ICV is first key product included in the plan. The plan supports the R&D of critical technologies for intelligent computing platform architecture for vehicles, semiconductors for ICV, autonomous driving operating systems, and intelligent algorithms for vehicles. By 2020, the goal is to build a reliable, safe, real-time intelligent platform for ICV and develop related standards to support high availability (HA) level. 
  • The second key initiative focuses on intelligent sensors and neural network semiconductors. The plan supports the development of high-precision, low-cost sensors, R&D for compact and reliability design, precision manufacturing, integrated development tools, embedded algorithms, etc. It also supports the R&D and application of intelligent sensors designed based on new needs, new materials, new techniques, and new theories and the R&D of new intelligent sensors based on MEMS and CMOS. Neural network semiconductors are another key area mentioned in the plan.  
  • The third key initiative is on the development of smart manufacturing, in particular, key technical equipment and new manufacturing models incorporated with AI.
  • The fourth initiative is to build a comprehensive AI support system, including setting up an industry training data pool, covering industry, healthcare, finance, transportation, etc. The plan also points out the need to build a AI industry standards system, encouraging industry leaders to participate in international standards work. At the same time, the plan calls for building an AI product assessment system  and an AI patents and IPR protection platform. In order to ensure the fast development of AI, the plan contains goals for the development and deployment of 5G, industrial internet, Internet of Vehicles.