About Us

About Us

The United States Information Technology Office (USITO) is an independent, non-profit, membership-based trade association, representing the U.S. information communication technologies (ICT) industry in China. 

Founded in late 1994 by the leading U.S. ICT industry associations, USITO seeks to provide new insights and approaches to the many complex challenges facing the ICT industry in China, which sits at the heart of the U.S.-China trade relationship.

USITO serves to create effective channels for engagement between our members and the Chinese & U.S. governments, academia and other industry groups focused on improving policy and regulation.

USITO serves as the China representative of three leading trade associations in the U.S., including:

USITO also represents approximately 50 leading US-based companies actively engaged in China, drawn from across the spectrum of information and communication technologies.


What We Do

USITO seeks to provide quality services that positively impact the development of Chinese government policies, laws and regulations, and that promote standards that foster mutually beneficial trade and investment in the ICT industry between the United States and China. 

USITO serves as the voice of the U.S. ICT industry in China.  USITO engages with government offices, trade associations, think tanks and academic institutions to share industry concerns and best practices.

USITO serves as a platform for communication.  USITO hosts numerous events and trade delegations, as well as facilitating issue-specific working groups to support collaboration and build consensus on the challenging issues facing new technology in a fast-growing market.  Our working groups focus on the following issues:

  • Compliance
  • Cyber Security
  • Environmental Protection & Energy Efficiency
  • IPR
  • Standards
  • Telecommunications, Cloud Computing & Internet Governance
  • Trade & Investment Policy

USITO provides insights and intelligence.  USITO holds regular roundtable discussions with industry experts and business leaders, and also researches and reports on new trends and policy developments.