USITO/AmCham ICT Forum Series: Changing Business Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in the Era of Mobile Internet

ICT Forum Series

Changing Business Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in the Era of Mobile Internet

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

15:00PM - 17:30 PM  AmCham-China Conference Center



The booming mobile internet market has changed the method of doing business today. It applies not only to internet-related companies, but also those so-called “traditional industries.” One definition of the future business model in the era of mobile internet is “internet +,” meaning every business will become internet-based, plus a unique feature that helps it stand out from the rest of the dot-com crowd. 


AmCham China’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) forum and the United States Information Technology Office (USITO) are pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges that mobile Internet has or might bring to your business. Three panelists will be sharing their in-depth research, practices, and real cases of mobile internet business. 


The Changing Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem - Steering a Mobile Enterprise

 - Enterprise Mobility is a key element to delivering the capabilities of future workspace. Having a mobility strategy is now a critical requirement for many organizations. Over the past 12 months, nearly all major technology vendors have made mobility one of their key focus areas which has driven awareness and confidence across the enterprise customer base. With this change, all the components, including stable devices, fast and reliable networks, and scalable applications, required for companies to develop and support complex enterprise mobility solutions are now in place. So the question is - why are so few companies leveraging enterprise mobility solutions to drive competitive advantage and deliver business transformation? In this session, Milly Xiang, IDC, will share some insights we observed through conversation with enterprise customers, provide attendees with a clear understanding of the latest developments in mobility and to help companies identify the steps they need to evolve their mobility offerings and to deliver tangible business benefits.


Transforming Traditional Businesses with Mobile Internet in China - 

Similar to what happened with the explosion of Internet in the 90s, the arrival of the mobile Internet era will have a profound impact on how the traditional businesses operate. It is not a question of when but how.


For those with courage, it presents a golden opportunity to benefit significantly. For the crazy ones who dare to innovate, new business models can be created that were not possible before. For those who choose to ignore, be prepared to fight for your survival.


China presents a special opportunity because of its unique combination with the world’s largest mobile Internet population, large geography for business coverage and highly diversified culture and workforce. 


James Ong, founder and CEO, Origami Frontiers, will share his experience having spent the last 10 years working on-the-ground with major multinational corporations or local Chinese enterprises in China and Asia to adopt mobile technologies and transform their business, some with great success and some with regretful failures.


Fastest Growing Sectors in Mobile: Mobile Advertising - Mobile devices play a huge role in our daily life. Most of us cannot even leave our phones for more than an hour, and some of us even start getting twitchy when our phones are not in our immediate proximity. In the past, people spent a great deal of their free time watching TV and reading newspapers or magazines, which is how how advertisers spent much of their money promoting their products. But now, consumer attention is being spent on their mobile devices. How do advertisers switch their marketing strategy? Should they spend money and resources on mobile advertising? Mobile advertising is helping traditional advertisers change their communication with their users, optimizing their services and relationship with users.


In this session, David Chun, managing director, Tapjoy will introduce you to fast-developing mobile advertising in China and the value it creates for users, game developers, and traditional companies who want to get involved in the mobile internet industry. He will share his opinion on the mobile advertising market. He will also introduce some of the successful cases operated on Tapjoy's platform, which is a famous global advertising platform serving for a lot of brand advertisers.



Milly Xiang, Senior Research Manager, IDC China  

James Ong, Founder and CEO, Origami Frontiers  

David Chun, Managing Director, Tapjoy China



Matt Roberts, Managing Director, U.S. Information Technology Office (USITO)



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15:30 - 17:30 PM  Presentation / Q & A / Networking



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