About Us

Christopher Millward

President and Managing Director, USITO

Christopher is a China market veteran, who has lived in Beijing since 1994.

Since joining USITO in March 2016, Christopher has spearheaded public policy advocacy in China, representing 50 of the leading US and European ICT companies and five U.S headquartered ICT trade associations.

Christopher has positioned USITO as the authoritative voice of the global ICT industry in China and a force multiplier for companies seeking to deploy technologies and disrupt in this critical market. Christopher has in-depth working knowledge of China’s policy environment and US-China bilateral trade relations. He leads USITO’s engagement with government agencies, and maintains close partnerships with senior government officials, think tanks and academic institutions. He has specific expertise in cybersecurity, telecoms and cloud computing policies, internet governance, ICT standards, intellectual property, artificial intelligence, environmental protection, and industrial policies.

Christopher is a seasoned consultant and team leader, with experience across government relations, IPR, market entry and access, M&A, media and corporate communications, brand strategy, digital and social media, sales and distribution and crisis management.

Prior to joining USITO, Christopher has worked with local, regional and national government bodies, academic and research institutes, NGO’s and media outlets throughout the region. He has managed complex assignments involving customer complaints and litigation, IPR disputes, joint venture establishment, environmental protection and labor disputes, with the highest levels of government including the Supreme Court, SAIC, MOST and the NDRC.

Christopher has also counseled corporations on China market development strategies, helping them develop competitive brand advantage. He has advised large multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, Bayer AG and IBM and specialist niche players, including NGO’s and Internet businesses. Christopher’s long tenure “on-the-ground” in China has helped him develop a uniquely accurate and compelling perspective on Chinese customers and stakeholders.

Christopher holds a BA from Columbia University and has conducted post-graduate research at the University of Hawaii and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has been recognized by CIPRA for his work in the field of public relations in China. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English and has served as a guest lecturer at Beijing University and Tsinghua University.