TC260 Publishes Big Data Security White Paper

On April 9, TC260 released the White Paper on Big Data Security Stardardization (White Paper) in their first stardards meeting week this year, which is still ongoing until April 12. The White Paper was drafted by 28 TC260 members, including CESI, Tsinghua University, Alibaba Cloud, and some foreign companies. 
Moving forward, TC260 recommend that the big data standardization work should focus on the research and drafting of the following standards:

  • personal information security related standards;
  • cross-border data security related standards following the requirement in Article 37 of the Cybersecurity Law (personal information and important data generated by CII should go through an cross-border data flow audit regime if transfer is needed);
  • data sharing related security standards;
  • and big data security review standards in support of implementation of Cybersecurity Law (article 35) and Security Review Measures for Network Products and Service to safeguard national security and public interests.