TC260 Prioritizes Security Standards for CSL

On January 11, TC260 released a Guide to Cybersecurity National Standards Project Application in 2017 (Guide) and is calling for application of standards by Feb. 20, 2017, following the requirements of the Cyber Security Law (CSL) and the Opinions on Strengthening National Cybersecurity Standardization Work (Opinions). Currently, TC260 standards are the most evident, concrete and detailed supporting guides to the actual implementation of CSL.

The Guide puts forward the key principle that the cybersecurity standardization work should focus on key fields/sectors, concentrate on the standards in urgent demand and address actual needs, aim to build a cybersecurity standards system supporting the implementation of the CSL, and accelerate the development and revision of a number of urgently needed critical cybersecurity national standards.

TC260 will prioritize the development/revision of mandatory national standards urgently required for the implementation of the CSL and the Opinions, including the security standards for network product and service, network-critical equipment and cybersecurity-specific products, critical information infrastructure protection, classified networks, and others. Voluntary national standards and standards for new technologies supporting CSL will also be developed.

The Guide specifies that the standards development/ revision projects should be completed in a 2 year timeframe and the standard research projects should be completed in 1 year.  There might be fast rollout of the standards identified under the key projects.