SIPO Issues List of Industries with Prioritized IP Support

On January 23, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) issued the Catalog of Industries Where Intellectual Property Rights are Given Priority Support (2018 Edition). The Catalog includes ten key industries where China will prioritize support in developing intellectual property rights. The Catalog supports the implementation of China’s Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and the State Council Opinion on Accelerating the Construction of a IPR Power under the New Situation released in December 2015. Among other goals, theState Council Opinion strives to incorporate IP into China’s macro-economic strategy, promote IP-intensive industries, and employ various policies to encourage IP creation.
According to the Introduction of the Catalog, the selected industries are drawn from a variety of documents including the Outline of the National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, Outline of the National Information Development Strategy, the National Science and Technology Innovation Development Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan, China Manufacturing 2025, the National Strategic Emerging Industries Development Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Tourism Industry Development Plan under the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan.

The highlighted industries, which include 62 sub-categories, are key to China’s overall development and relevant government agencies should efficiently deploy IPR resources, and coordinate to promote industrial upgrading and innovative development. Listed categories include new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, and new materials.