President Xi Extolls Globalization in APEC Summit Speech

President Xi called globalization an “irreversible historical trend” in his speech in Da Nang, Vietnam during the APEC CEO Summit on November 10. He spoke about the need to “work together” when faced with profound changes in the global economy, listing four main points. These include fostering an open economy that benefits all, pursuing innovation-driven development and create new drivers of growth, enhancing connectivity and achieving interconnected development, and working to make economic development more inclusive to deliver benefits to our people.  
President Xi also referred to his hallmark geopolitical initiatives including the Belt and Road Strategy and the free trade area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP). There was a particular emphasis on poverty alleviation and a “people-centered philosophy of development” through President Xi’s speech. “To secure a better life for our people is what we aim to achieve in everything we do,” President Xi proclaimed, “No one will be left behind”.
In relation to China’s industrial policy and technological innovation, President Xi said that China will accelerate building and industrial system that promotes “coordinated development of the real economy with technology innovation”. He also listed further integration of the internet, big data, artificial intelligence, the digital economy, sharing economy, and clean energy as areas of focus.