Personal Data Protection Regulations Will Be Strictly Enforced

On March 4, Fu Ying, the spokesperson of the Fifth Session of China’s 12th National People’s Congress(NPC), stated that China has adopted several laws concerning the protection of personal information, and in 2017 will carry out stricter law enforcement of the Cybersecurity Law, especially in regards to information trading and internet fraud.  

Fu Ying further noted that personal information protection has been included in a number of laws and regulations, such as the NPC Decision on Network Information Protection (2012), article 9 of the Amendment to Criminal Law (2015), the draft Civil Law, the E-commerce Law, which is currently under review, and the Cybersecurity Law. The Cybersecurity Law lays out the basic rules of personal information protection, and stipulates that network operators are not allowed to collect personal information unrelated to their services and shall not offer personal information to others without consent.