NPC Releases Five-Year Legislation Plan

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislative body, met on September 7 to discuss legislative work. Since then, the NPC has proposed 116 legislative projects that fall under three categories. Highlights include:
First category: Mature draft laws ready to be submitted for deliberation during the current term of the Standing Committee
  • Patent Law (revised draft), State Council
  • Copyright Law (revised draft), State Council
  • Foreign Investment Law, State Council
  • Cultural Industry Promotion Law, State  Council
  • Export Control Law, State Council
  • Cryptography Law, State Council
  • Personal Information Protection Law, Standing Committee.
  • Data Security Law, Standing Committee
Second category: Draft laws which require expedited procedural work and will be submitted for review once mature
  • Anti-Monopoly Law (revised draft), State Council
  • Telecommunications Law, State Council
Third category: Proposed projects requiring further research and assessment due to insufficiency of legislative resources
  • The artificial intelligence legislative project is in the process of being researched and assessed, and will be reviewed once mature.
This is the first time China has announced a plan to draft a national-level Data Security Law on top of the Personal Information Protection Law. It's unclear what the relationship between these two laws and the data protection requirements included in the Cybersecurity Law will be.