MPS to create a CII List

On March 30, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) held an orientation meeting aimed to give training on the inspection of the 2017 cybersecurity work. Heads of various ministries & commissions, central state-owned enterprises and the national cybersecurity information notification organization attended. Mr. Guo Qiquan, Chief Engineer of the MPS Cybersecurity Bureau, first summarized the implementation of the 2016 cybersecurity assurance work by public security departments. MPS has been focusing on Cybersecurity Law enforcement, improving MLPS, and cybersecurity-specific campaigns and supervision & inspection efforts. Guo also gave detailed instructions on the requirement for the 2017 cybersecurity law enforcement inspection work, scheduling of inspection work, and contents of inspection.  MPS requires the sector-specific watchdogs including the transport regulator to actively cooperate in the proposed inspection effort, and complete such work as submission of a full list of national critical information infrastructure, and in-house cybersecurity inspection.