MIIT Releases 2017 Industrial Upgrading (China Manufacturing 2025) Funds Guideline

On August 21, the Ministry of Industry and information Technology (MIIT) released the 2017 Industrial Upgrading (China Manufacturing 2025) Funds Guideline. The notice outlines the budget provided by MIIT for industrial upgrading projects for regulatory departments, related state-owned enterprises (SOEs), related public organizations, and universities. The deadline for applicants is Sept 15.
The plan focuses on supporting twenty-five key tasks in four main areas: (1) building innovation capabilities in manufacturing, (2) improving coordination capability along the supply chain, (3) public industry service platforms for basic technology in critical sectors (including secure integrated circuits and core information technology equipment), and (4) insurance for the first-time application of new materials, to protect against potential risks. 
Attachments to the plan include application forms, and a list of the specific projects which range from industrial controls, to food safety monitoring, to new materials. According to USITO’s conversation with the listed contact person, the projects are also open to foreign companies registered in China. In principle, applicants should apply for funds for no more than two projects. However, projects in the four key fields that are open to bidding are not subject to this requirement.