MIIT Puts Forth Radio Frequency Allocation Regulations

On September 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released PRC's Radio Frequency Allocation Regulations (draft for comments)with a deadline of September 30. This is a periodically updated document to allocate frequencies in China, usually renewed according to international updates.

This most recent draft confirms the key frequencies dedicated to 5G, which is generally positive move for the development of 5G in China. The frequencies are within the range of industry expectation and ability to comply. These details are laid out in the footnote section of the document. (shown below) 

  • CHN 34 3300-3400MHz is for IMT's mobile services, generally for indoor usage.
  • CHN 35 4400-4500MHz is for IMT's mobile services. It should not cause interference to aviation radio navigation system, IMT system should not be put in use before a coexistence solution is available.
  • CHN 37 4800-5000MHz is for IMT's mobile services, allocation details should be in accordance to relevant departments' needs.​

MIIT called for comments on the allocation of 3300-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz for 5G in June this year. The results are reflected in the draft Allocation Regulation.