MIIT Assigns Broadband Access Services to Special Work Status

In an effort to standardize and manage China's Broadband Strategy, MIIT released circular 238 (2017). While the amount of broadband access has expanded in recent years, the government is concerned about how some companies are setting up such services. In combination with the 2017 telecoms development conference, they realized that the protection of consumer’s rights and interests has been undermined and companies are not upholding responsibilities to consumers during the development of network infrastructure. 
The main problems include not accurately advertising telecoms businesses, finding ways to create a surcharge, use false pricing content, and inaccurately selling shared access bandwidth as dedicated access bandwidth. Telecoms Service Agreements are also not completely accurate and they should remind users of the download rate, payment methods, broadband access implementation if it's fiber to the home (FTTH) or fiber to the building (FTTB). Lastly the broadband access rate is not standardized and they will require all companies to follow the requirements of the Broadband Rate Testing Method for Fixed Broadband Access (YD / T 2400-2012) to ensure that service reaches a certain speed. 

The implementation timeline and work requirements can be found via the link below.