MEP Claimed to Strengthen the Control of VOC Pollutant Emission

On April 24, Director Tian Weiyong of the MEP Bureau of Environmental Supervision discussed measures on VOC emissions in their weekly press conference.
Although the ICT industry has lower emissions compared to petro, chemical and steel industries, it is still a critical issue in drafting of electronic industry factory pollutant standards.
The new measures will entail the following: 

  • Better control sources of pollution and limit VOC’s emission across industry.  
  • Focus efforts on the heavily polluting industries first. These industries include petrochemical, organic chemicals, packaging and printing.
  • Monitor and control key parts of treatment, including storage, loading and unloading equipment.
  • Improve enforcement by deploying monitoring equipment.
  • Increase information disclosure, make information publicly available and encourage everyone to actively participate in supervision.