IT Industry Development Plan Readout on Communication Equipment

In the era of cloud computing, big data, IoT and Smart Manufacturing, China has made a lot of progress in the areas of new computing, storage devices, servers, smart software, network communications equipment, and cybersecurity products.
Looking at growth from a policy perspective, China Manufacturing 2025 and Internet Plus Action Plan brought about a new reform in the sciences and a new generation of ICT products and development. The State Council promulgated the Big Data Development Action Framework and MIIT announced the Integrated Standardization System for Cloud Computing, both designed to improve basic communications equipment. The readout on computing and communication equipment highlights areas of focus moving into 2017. Though growth has been positive, there are still some areas of concern, namely in New Architectural Systems, VR, Big Data Throughput, Data Security, Smart Management, Energy Efficiency and R&D. Additionally, desktop and server CPU development research is still not where it should be according to policymakers.
In computing, goals include new innovations in high end servers and storage devices, including core processors, network chips, and memory. China will also continue to promote ‘secure and reliable’ network equipment R&D and industrialization. Cybersecurity and data security will be top priority, especially in the areas of industrial control system hardware and software. They will also focus on improving energy efficiency in computing.
In communications equipment, R&D will focus on high-end core routers and switches, high-speed optical transmission equipment, and large-capacity network equipment. China will also continue to develop 5G, IPv6, software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). Automotive and AI smart terminals will also be included in research as well as new developments in public and private networks.