Guiding Opinion on Comprehensive Ecology and Environmental Protection Issued

One of the primary purposes of this guiding opinion is to specify goals for industries. For instance, by 2020, the government will aim to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides to 15% less than 2015 levels, while also reducing chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen emissions more than 10%. Moreover, the government will aim to have zero imports of solid waste by 2020, and will promote efforts to transform solid waste into reusable resources.
In addition to these overall targets, the guiding opinion also called for strengthened comprehensive management of fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as the launch of pilot projects for controlling atmospheric ammonia emissions. To better ensure that stationary pollutant emissions fully comply with emission standards, the government asked all key discharge units to install automatic online monitoring equipment and to provide access to government networks for information disclosure by the end of 2018.
Finally, the guiding opinion also mentioned encouraging international collaboration on nuclear energy.