Global High-Tech Industry Calls for Swift and Ambitious Expansion of the Information Technology Agreement


Global High-Tech Industry Calls for Swift and Ambitious Expansion of the Information Technology Agreement[1]

High-tech industry associations from around the world strongly support the ambitious new tariff-elimination initiative to significantly expand product coverage of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), which is one of the most meaningful and successful trade agreements in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The ITA has helped to drive innovation, accelerate productivity, increase employment, lower consumer prices, and bridge communities across the globe in ways unimagined 15 years ago. Product expansion of the ITA as well as expansion of geographic scope of the agreement would yield immediate and substantial benefits, removing tariffs on a vast array of tech products not currently covered. This initiative would improve market access for information and communications technology (ICT) products around the world and make the newest technologies more affordable and available to everyone.

We applaud the impressive progress this initiative has achieved over the past year. The leaders of the 21 APEC economies have recently shown their strong support for it. The WTO hosted a highly successful Symposium on the 15th Anniversary of the ITA in May 2012 to highlight the importance of the ITA and the tremendous impact ICT products have on every sector of the global economy. That was immediately followed by B20 business leaders from around the world at the G20 summit in Mexico offering a ringing endorsement for ITA expansion. Most importantly, ITA members have begun discussions in earnest on the initiative and developed an initial list to be considered for additional ITA product coverage.

More than 15 years have passed since the ITA was born and not a single product has been added to it even though the ICT sector is bursting with innovation and growth.

We therefore call on the ITA members to build on the current momentum, aim high for an ambitious, meaningful outcome, and complete their negotiations to expand this critically important agreement within a year.

We continue to be deeply committed to working closely with our governments to achieve a swift and ambitious outcome that will expand trade, stimulate growth, increase jobs, spur innovation, and promote prosperity around the world.


全球高科技行业组织强烈支持新提出的大幅扩展信息技术协议(ITA)覆盖产品的范围。ITA 是WTO框架下最有意义和最成功的贸易协定之一。


我们对此项动议过去一年来取得的进展表示欢迎。亚太经合组织(APEC)领导人们最近也表示了他们对该项举措的强烈支持。 WTO在2012年5月份成功举办了一个关于ITA 15周年的讨论会,进一步强调了ITA的重要性,以及ICT产品对全球经济各部门的巨大影响。这一主张很快被B20商业领袖们在G20墨西哥峰会上接纳,由此,TIA的扩大获得了强大的支持。最重要的是,ITA的成员们已经开始认真讨论此项动议,并提出了一个应该被考虑纳入ITA产品覆盖范围的初步清单。




[1] As released by 61 associations representing the technology industry in 27 countries and 2 regions in October 2012. Please see