Draft Cybersecurity Classified Protection Regulations Released

On June 27, Ministry of Public Security (MPS) officially released the draft Cybersecurity Classified Protection Regulations for public comments until July 27.
The Cybersecurity Classified Protection Scheme (CCPS) aims to establish a cybersecurity protection baseline for network operators and a universal compliance framework under the Cybersecurity Law (CSL). This expansion of Chinese cybersecurity policy constitutes an updated iteration of China’s Multi-level Protection Scheme (MLPS), jointly issued in 2007 by MPS, the State Encryption Management Bureau (SEMB), MSS, and the State Council Information Office (SCIO).
While MLPS merely focused on the protection of network and information systems, CCPS has expanded its scope to cover cybersecurity protection for basic infrastructure, network operations, data, and information, and has specifically highlighted data protection rules. Additionally, CCPS will extend its reach beyond government agencies and organizations to apply to all network operators, with a special focus on cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile internet, big data and industrial control systems.