Deepening Reforms Leading Group Establishes Internet Court

On June 26, Xi Jinping announced priorities for the Deepening Reforms Leading Group in their 36th time meeting. Liu Yunshan, a Politburo standing committee member, also spoke at the meeting and discussed several major policies in the works, including: 

  • A Corporate Restructuring System (中央企业公司制改制工作实施方案)
  • Regional GDP Reform System (地区生产总值统一核算改革方案)
  •  Punishment for Statistical Violations (统计违纪违法责任人处分处理建议办法)
  • Import Expo (中国国际进口博览会总体方案)
  • Improving Safety for FIEs and Foreign Investment (关于改进境外企业和对外投资安全工作的若干意见)
  • Establishing an Internet Court in Hangzhou (关于设立杭州互联网法院的方案)
  • 2-year Report on the Fujian, Tianjin, and Guangdong FTZs(自贸区建设两年进展情况总结报道)