China's State Council Releases 12th FYP for Strategic Emerging Industries

On July 20th, 2011, the State Council released the 12th Five Year Plan for the Development of China's Strategic and Emerging Industries (SEI). Although MIIT posted the plan on its website on the 20th, the actual document is dated July 9th. We note that NDRC notified USITO that it was leading the drafting for such a plan as early as April 2012.

Part II of the plan deals with the ICT industry, or as it's officially known in other 12th FYP-related documentation, 'next-generation information technology.' The plan contains three tables which outline focal points for development of the ICT industry, which are information and networking technology, core and basic electronics, and high-end software and emerging information products. Each of these categories of products was not only mentioned in the State Council's original Decision Regarding the Promotion of the Strategic & Emerging Industries circular from 2010, but some, including ICs and software, are outlined in detail in their own industry-specific Five Year Plan. 

In the networking category, China hopes to boast 4MB broadband capacity for rural customers, and 20MB broadband capacity for urban customers, with some areas able to support 100MB of bandwidth. 

In the electronics and ICs category, China aims to achieve design capacity for 22nm semiconductors, and achieve a 'clear increase' in its capacity for indigenous development of ICs. 

In the high-end software category, China hopes to achieve a 'clear increase' in its capacity to develop indigenous application, integration, and information security software.

USITO will arrange for a full translation of the plan. To access the plan in Chinese, please visit the MIIT website.