China Pushes to Improve Internet Infrastructure

Han Xia of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) put out a statement at the end of 2016 that China needs to strengthen Internet Infrastructure management in order to increase regulatory ability.
This report says that MIIT will focus on management in several areas, including Internet Infrastructure, 5G, Connected Cars IPv6 standard, telecoms equipment, consumer rights, and the overall ICT market. In March 2016, MIIT released the Internet Domain Name Regulation for comment and according to reports the final draft will be out soon. The efforts to improve Internet Infrastructure will be seen in increased management of domain names, IP addresses and links. Some goals include providing 24/7 support, improving record accuracy, supplying more thorough evaluations, and strictly implementing the domain name real registration system standards. According to the Domain Name Regulation (Draft), in order to gain Chinese network access, companies must have a domestic domain name registration service provider and domestic management service. If domain names aren’t registered in China, then access service providers are prohibited from providing service. In initial implementation of this regulation, we can expect to see three things: 1) complete cutoff of service for all dangerous sites that are registered overseas, 2) increased promotion of Chinese domain names, and 3) encouraged collaboration between overseas companies and domestic domain name service providers. Additionally, they will continue to implement management measures and risk analysis platforms for for internet finance and improve online car-hire services. The announcement also mentions that they are looking to coordinate more domestic internet companies with associations, think tanks and research institutions to engage in internet governance at the international level.
Aside from the domain name issue, the increased management of telecoms equipment is also of concern for foreign companies. This will mostly involve the implementation of the Interim Provisions on Pre-installation and Distribution of Apps in Mobile Smart Terminals, effective July 1, 2017, revising the Measures for the Administration of Telecommunication Equipment Network, which was last updated in September 2014, and exploring possibilities in equipment business credit evaluation and IoT management. The document also points out the desire to promote bilateral MRA work and to speed up standards work for digital mobile communications terminal technical requirements.