China Launches Implementation of National AI Development Plan

On Nov 15, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) held a kick-off meeting for the artificial intelligence major science and technology project (重大科技项目). The central government set up a promotion office for implementing the Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, which will engage with fifteen ministries and departments.
During this meeting, MOST announced the first batch of companies comprising a series of artificial intelligence open and innovative platforms: 

  • Building an autopilot AI open innovation platform, based on Baidu;
  • Building a smart city AI open innovation platform, based on Alibaba;
  • Building a medical images AI open innovation platform, based on Tencent;
  • Building an intelligent voice AI open innovation platform, based on iFLYTEK.

MOST Deputy Minister Wang Zhigang said the meeting marks the beginning of the implementation phase of China’s national AI plan. Wan Gang, Minister of MOST, also pointed out that the government should promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and thereal economy, and should pay attention to opening up, deepening international cooperation, and highlighting the main role of enterprises in a market-oriented approach.
MOST leadership also mentioned that the government, industry and academia need to strengthen research and development cooperation in artificial intelligence technology and to address policy challenges in preventing risks posed by artificial intelligence to employment, ethics, privacy protection, etc.