China Aims to Build Image as a “Quality Nation”

On September 12, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council released the Guiding Opinions on Launching the Quality Improvement Program. This important guiding policy aims to build the image of a ‘Quality Nation’ for China
In terms of the goals listed, the Chinese government aims to make significant improvement in the quality of products made in China, supply chain efficiency, and the overall level of product quality by 2020. There are four focal points outlined in the Opinions, quality of products, engineering and services; industry development quality; quality at the domestic/regional level; and the national infrastructure for quality.
The Opinions also include four foundational principles that underpin the overall policy. 

  1. Insist that “quality first” serve as a guiding value
  2. Insist that ‘meeting the needs of the people’ and ‘enhancing China’s overall comprehensive capabilities’ are fundamental goals
  3. Insist that companies drive product quality improvement. 
  4. Insist that reform and innovation serve as the main channels for sustainable development.