CAC cracks down on App Store Filing

On January 13, Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released "Notice on Internet App Store Record-filing Work" (the Notice) as a followup measure for "Regulations on Management of Information Service of Mobile Applications (APP)" released in June last year, to further emphasize CAC's position of supervision, administration and law enforcement of APP information contents in China. 

The Notice aims to regulate app stores, tighten application review, and curate information shared through mobile platforms. CAC has taken this step to further establish mobile internet governance and app store industry's market order. 

On January 16, Internet App Store Record-filing Work  officially began. App store businesses will need to report to the local CAC office in accordance with ICP filing location or where permits are acquired. Both paper and electronic filings will be required for any app store business that operates, makes changes to previous filings, or terminates service. CAC will be closely monitoring the record-filing process, app stores' basic information, and will provide public inquiry service on app stores' information when appropriate.