The great curriculum of intellectual property in electronics information industry

MIIT Electronic Information Department is organizing a three-year project (2015-2017), entitled "The great curriculum of intellectual property in electronics information industry." The great curriculum will set the content from the perspective of macro-guide, universal basis and subject promotion, facing the needs of industry, based on the characteristic of industry, combining the demands of enterprises. It is jointly held under the guidance of electronic department of MIIT, by the organization of intellectual property working committee of CESA and intellectual  property management office of MIIT, and the combination of the resources of relevant ministries and commissions, local government, intellectual property organizations and the foreign and domestic enterprises, extensively adopting experts to give lectures from the foreign and domestic enterprises, intellectual property organizations and legislative, judicial and administrative departments.

Four entity curricula will be held this year; platform of online curriculum will be built up; on account of two or three demands of the industry, there will be approximately 100 enterprises offered curricula and two or three typical enterprises chosen as examples. Entity curricula are to be given quarterly on specific product sectors, with this year being 

  • mobile intelligent terminal, 
  • integrated circuit, 
  • LED, and
  • wearable devices.

Among them, the first one - the Great Curriculum of IP Strategy in Smartphone Industry from the Perspective of Chinese Industry “Going Out” - will take place on March 31, 2015. For more information on sponsorship opportunity and working program, please find the attachment below.