4.22-4.23 IPR Development International Forum 2015

4.22-4.23 IPR Development International Forum (IPRDIF) is a grand Forum, which is held to adapt to the development of the situational needs .It is under the background of “Strengthen Intellectual Property Use and Protection" put forward by CPC Central Committee. In the meanwhile, according to the unified deployment of "Action Plan for the In-depth Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy (2014-2020)”, it combines with the request of The Cultivation Project of Intellectual Property Use Abilities of MIIT. It is hosted by MIIT and Universities, will focus on the hot issues of IPR in this field, and organize all sectors of society to participate in this cultivated and propagandistic forum during IPR publicity week.

IPRDIF was first held in 2014, the objectives of which are to provide an international exchange and cooperation platform for IPR utilization, based on the needs of enterprises and related organizations at home and abroad on monetizing IPR assets, to grasp the trend of industrial development of IPR, to unite the wisdom of relevant government agencies, legal profession, and industry, to utter various voices from IPR administrative law enforcement officials, judges, scholars, IPR managers, professionals of IPR agencies, and IP lawyers, and to facilitate opening and sharing, information exchange, and cooperation, thus promoting further improvements of IPR legal system and policies in China, maintaining the order of market competition in IPR utilization, propelling technological innovation, and safeguarding the sound development of IPR industry.

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