Trump-Xi Meeting Outcomes

On April 6-7, Trump and Xi met for the first time at Mar-a-Lago to discuss the future of the US-China trade relationship and there were two major outcomes:

  1. The Strategic & Economic Dialogue (S&ED) will be replaced by the US-China Comprehensive Dialogue. This new high-level framework will be built upon four pillars: 1) the diplomatic and security dialogue 2) the comprehensive economic dialogue 3) the law enforcement and cybersecurity dialogue, and 4) the social and cultures issues dialogue. Secretary Ross and Mnuchin will be leading the Comprehensive economic dialogue jointly, focusing on trade, investment, and other economic opportunities.
  2. The US and China established a 100-day Plan for dialogue on the US-China trade balance. Some objectives from the US side are to increase our exports to China and to reduce the trade deficit we have with them. In the press conference following the meeting, Secretary Ross said that China expressed concern in reducing the net trade balance because of the impact it has on money supply and inflation.