Mobile Internet Development Goals Published

On January 16, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) posted Recommendations on Promoting Mobile Internet Development, which includes encouraging innovation, strengthening the role of mobile internet, decreasing security risks, deepening international cooperation and communication and improving organizational leadership.
The recommendations state that the government will further open market access for telecoms and diminish the amount of paperwork required for approval while improving the registration process and increasing the approval rate. They will also reconsider the classification system for telecoms equipment in effort to make the telecoms market more open. Development for mobile internet is mostly in information infrastructure, expansion of 4G, and trying to get 5G ready for commercial use. They also said they want to simplify the telecoms fee structure and reduce network cost. The recommendations also mention that they want to continue to develop content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud, and big data platforms and infrastructure and open up basic telecoms businesses to private capital. Lastly they will promote new technologies like AI,VR, and AR and will begin an R&D cost subsidy program. In the section that mentions decreasing security risks, the recommendations include having indigenous IP for cybersecurity technology and standards and further developing CII security.
The government will look to the OBOR initiative, cross-border e-commerce and improved internet governance for areas of international cooperation. The Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization also wants to improve mobile internet management, and plans to do this through acquiring talent and increasing protection by the law. They also specifically mention that they are revising the Internet Information Services Management Regulation released back in December 2015 and will work on revising  articles that pertain to critical information infrastructure (CII). USITO will monitor these policies and will look for early engagement on the topic, especially in the opening up of the telecoms market.