MIIT Releases Measures on New Internet Services

On June 8, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the  Administrative Measures for New Internet Services Security Assessment (Draft for Comments) with a deadline of Jul. 9, 2017. This set of measures intensify security assessments for new business models laid out in Recommendations on the Orderly Development of Mobile Internet together with the Telecom Regulations. Research work around security assessment for new internet service began as early as 2015. MIIT collected comments from telecom operators and internet business, such as Tencent. 
Since MIIT is approaching the security assessment from the Telecom Regulations' perspective, the Measures apply to telecom service operators in China providing new internet services, which is defined in Article 3 as new telecom services provided through the internet by telecoms operators with relevant license, or new telecom services provided through the internet with new technologies that have not yet been listed in the Telecommunications Services Catalog.