Guidelines on Energy Efficiency FYP Targets ICT

On April 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the Guidelines for ICT in the 13 FYP on Energy Efficiency,which falls under the scope of the Development Plan for 13FYP for Information and Communications Technology (2016-2020) released in January 2017.
MIIT achieved their goals laid out in the 12th FYP, including reducing data center PUE by 1.5 and reducing energy consumption per unit of telecoms business to 31.5kg of coal / 1 Million RMB in 2015, down 40% since 2010.
For this plan, MIIT aims to reduce data center PUE to 1.4 or lower by 2020, and reducing energy consumption in telecoms businesses by 10% compared with 2015.